Street food from Kalevala

Piirone is a new concept of street food inspired by the traditional Finnish and Carelian Cuisine. The base of Piirone is a rye crust, much like the iconic Carelian pasty, but the size is bigger, and the filling is raised to a new level of tastiness. Even though Carelian pasty is ubiquitous in Finnish way of life, we wanted to rethink the idea. We resized it to beat hunger and redesigned the fillings more succulent and versatile. We slowly fermented the dough and finally we baked the crust thin and crispy. Piirone is modern street food with ancient roots. It’s a perfect snack at any time of the day.


Isompi Piirone on mukavasti kämmenenkokoinen, 190 gramman painoinen herkku. Se on tuhti välipala, jonka voi tarjoilla sellaisenaan tai erilaisten mausteiden, kastikkeiden ja salaattien kera.

Pienempi Piirone on 80-100 gramman painoinen makupala, joka sopii hyvin vaikkapa juhlapöydässä tarjottavaksi.